Is It Legal To Count Cards At Blackjack?

Although no law in the world prohibits blackjack card counting, gambling halls have done and continue to do everything they can to discourage their customers from implementing this type of singapore sport bet strategy. If a casino notices that you are counting cards, they may initially warn you against doing so, politely inviting you to change the mmc996 singapore online casino game. But usually, a player who counts blackjack cards is likely to be kicked out of the room or even banned for life by the facility.

Because this is where the key lies: the strategy of card counting at blackjack only makes sense if the deck is shuffled when it is about to run out, as was initially the case in casinos. Counting cards today is an exercise in style that is not very useful unless you are in a casino (online or terrestrial) run by unwary suits!

Already at the time of the group of students at MIT, the technique was effectively neutralized by casinos. As soon as the managers of the casinos realized how the players could reduce the house advantage, they began to increase the number of decks used and to mix them after each hand.

How to count blackjack cards: the most popular techniques

This is not a simple count on the number of cards issued, but rather having a value that could suggest the size of the next card destined to go down.

To beat the dealer, it would be vital to be able to somehow predict what type of card awaits us, to decide the right move to make among those allowed by the rules of blackjack

Counting cards at blackjack: the Hi-Lo system

  • Cards 2 through 6 are counted with +1
  • Cards 7 through 9 are worth 0
  • Cards from 10 onwards (including aces and figures) are counted with -1

Performing this type of counting, therefore, allows you to have an idea on the type of cards still in the deck: for example if after a few minutes of playing the count of the cards dropped leads to a total of +15, it means that in the deck there are still cards of very high value. Of course, we have to take this as a rough indication and not a certainty because blackjack is played multiple decks at a time. Therefore the chances of receiving a high or low card are difficult to calculate.

KO system for card counting

This is considered the easiest system out there and one to start with if you want to try the card counting experience. The basic mechanism of counting is the same that regulates the Hi-Lo system, with the only difference of card number 7, which in this is +1 and not zero. Having only two cards with a value of zero (the 8 and the 9) the counting runs better and is more manageable by non-habitual players.

How to count cards with the Hi-Opt System

  • Cards 2, 3, 6, 7 have a value of +1
  • Cards 4 and 5 have a value of +2
  • Cards 8, 9 and aces are worth 0
  • The 10 and the figures are worth -2

Such a composite system of assigning values ​​favors the accuracy of the system but represents a considerable difficulty in the game.